Types of Insurance for Your Small Business

It’s a common misconception that most small business owners make is that they think they don’t need insurance. They claim that insurance for small business is just too expensive to invest in. However, getting insurance for your small business is crucial if you want to protect your assets. Here are the types of insurance that are important for a small business to have.

General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance for small business covers both your defense in any case complaints are made or settlements are filed against you. General liability insurance also covers the damages if your business, your products or one of your employees cause injury or damage to a third party.

Personal Insurance

Probably one of the most important types of insurance that you need, personal insurance protects you in any case events like accidents, serious health conditions or injury. Getting a personal insurance ensures that you will still be able to cover your expenses when you’re unable to work due to the aforementioned reasons. Though a lot of people tend to back away in getting personal insurance because they claim it’s expensive, getting a personal insurance quote from an agency will let you see the estimate cost of getting their personal insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

When your small business focuses on providing services for customers, acquiring professional liability insurance is essential. This type of insurance for small business covers the expenses on your defense when your business fails to provide the competent service that it has promised or provided improper services to customers. Professional liability insurance covers for those businesses that include professionals like accountants, insurance agents, lawyers and more.

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Property Insurance

Owning your own building or business property is great and places a huge advantage on your part. However, when events like fires, flood, theft or vandalism occur, you need a type of insurance for small business that covers the damages that can pile up. Property insurance protects your business which can include equipment, supplies, computers and other tools that you need in running your small business.

Auto Insurance

When your business includes the use of vehicles, it’s wise to obtain auto insurance. This type of insurance for small business protects the vehicles that carry employees, contain products or deliver equipment from damage, accidents and collisions.

Protecting your business is important if you want success. Obtaining insurance for small business is important in establishing a strong foundation for your business. Get one from a reputable and trustworthy insurance agency that you can find in your area.

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