The Residential Construction Building Team

In building a home, there are the necessary steps and procedures to be taken in order to make a housing unit that is of high quality, accentuate comfort for the family that will be making it their home and observing safety measures. The residential construction team is composed of several members with their own roles and functions. As the design team is responsible for the initial groundwork which is the gathering of the necessary information and building up the plans for the construction, the building team is in charge of doing the construction of the home itself. In other words, the climax of the residential construction process lies on these members of the construction team. Who are these people within the residential construction building team? What are their specific roles and functions to the project? Here are some of the members of the building team in residential construction.

Project Manager

The project manager is the one who oversees the entire project. While also belonging to the design team, the project manager has a more encompassing role between the two teams as he or she is in charge of establishing a professional relationship with the client. That would mean that the project manager is the one who negotiates with the client, assesses the need of the client, and makes suggestions and then establishing a deal with the client. It is also within the responsibilities of the project manager to make inspections of how the project is going, either by himself or together with the client. Quality checks are also done by project managers.


The electricians in the building team are the ones who work with the electrical wirings and other devices that need work. They are the ones who handle the cables, layout the wires, put up the electrical outlets and ensure that the electrical safety standards are followed in the construction of the home. Working together with the electrical engineers, the electricians handle the work while using the guide made by the engineers.



If the electricians handle the electrical work of the house that is still in the construction process, the plumbers are the ones who handle the waterworks around the house. This means that the plumbers work on the pipes, faucets, bathrooms and other water sources that the house will be using once its construction is done. Similar to the electricians, they also follow the designs made by the engineers to ensure the optimum results of the project.


When it comes to the general work that is around the house which involves wood, metal and other materials, carpenters are the ones to count on. They craft and shape the materials so that they can be used in the various sections of the house and fit them into the different rooms. Click here for more